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If I was the kind of person who never eats when they’re upset instead of the kind of person who eats 4091 pounds of ice cream when I’m upset then I’d look like a supermodel






im appropriating internet culture by posting online



I’ve been tagged of racist myself some month ago because of my story Djihanes. This strip is so accurate about what I think about those people who bash with “cultural appropriation” concept.

I might have already reblogged this but this is the single best post about this subject I have seen and everyone needs to see it so we can end this stupidity

Does anyone know something natural I can use to get rid of/kill ants? There’s a bunch of them swarming about in my bedroom, bathroom, and a few in the kitchen. I have cats and a dog so it can’t be toxic to them. I’ve tried spraying a mixture of apple cider vinegar and warm water on some of the cracks in the floorboards near the walls and it seemed to kill or at least stun the ants I sprayed it on. I must’ve swept up 150 ants into a garbage bag and thrown it outside but anyone have any suggestions for when/if they come back?

Hey there.

I got a couple friends on here who are going through some stuff, and I think only one of them will see this, but either way, I have a message:

Hang in there.

I know school is being stupid but you’re so, so close. Maybe life at home is being complicated, or a combination of those. Either way, don’t give up yet. There is so much happy out there to look forward to. 

Sam, Ash, you two are wonderful people. Don’t let the pessimism in the world change that.

Hang in there. <3

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